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Get the best designs, layouts, and elements for your website beauty all for “FREE”. Yes, everything below (per package plan) is absolutely Free!

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1. Header & Footer Pack


This Layout Pack contains 16 exclusive well-designed header and footer styles. It can be used on a wide range of websites. Yes, you heard us correctly. That’s a total of 16 headers and 16 footers, all of them can be used as matching pairs or separately.

Consider how much time you’ll save by using these ready-made header & footer templates that can be easily added to your website in a matter of seconds!


2. Premade Website Layouts


When you get a website of any plan, you will have full lifetime access to 200+ premade website layout packs of different categories and niches where you can choose the one that suits your business. Also, you will have full lifetime access to 1500+ premade page layout templates.

All layouts are professionally well-designed, well-animated, and beautifully made. Everything you will get readymade and ready to import to your site with one simple click.


3. WordPress Plugins


Plugins are basically add-on, that gives additional functionality to your website. So your website and web pages will display additional content that might not without plugins could be achieved.

We will install and set up all the essential plugins on your WordPress website depending on the plan you selected.

4. 16 Sign-up Modules


Get the best premium Email opt-in forms/boxes/modules for your website. Email opt-in is great for subscriptions and capturing emails for email marketing.

Note: You will also have full access to hundreds of built-in readymade sign-up boxes in 200+ website layouts. So, be always HAPPY!

5. Bloom & Monarch


Bloom & Monarch are premium Divi Plugins with API keys. When someone visits your site, the Bloom “Email opt-in form” will pop up which is great for capturing emails to collect and making your email list for business marketing.

Monarch is hands down the best social sharing & social following premium plugin. Monarch is great for social connection & social media marketing. You’ll love it.

6. Extra Freebies


Extra freebies are awesome, these include columns, rows, modules, and so much more. You can easily use them on any project.

All of them are professionally designed with great look.




7. Blurb Section


This is the most beautiful professionally designed Blurb as a tab section, you can use it for multiple purposes on your website.


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